All My Children Best Lines Thursday 9/17/09


Provided By Gisele

Erica: I don't believe you're here. I don't believe you're here at all, but coupling with her?

Zach: I'm just here to dance with you and watch you snap your beak. Chicken...

Liza: What, what?

Erica: It's just -- it's just a shame that Zach didn't pick a more popular partner, because obviously, you're not bringing any of the pledges. And you two are going to be really, really tired if you don't take a break.

Liza: Well, we don't plan on taking a break. Actually, we plan on dancing all night long, don't we? Come on, Erica, flap your wings. Who knows? Maybe you will take off and fly away.

Erica: Oh, Adam, you must have been taking some dance lessons recently. When Adam and I were married, actually, both times, he used to step on my toes all the time.

Annie: Hmm.

Adam: You have such large feet, they're easier to hit.

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