All My Children Best Lines Monday 9/14/09


Provided By Gisele

Annie (to Adam): I had the strangest dream last night. We were at my trial, but the judge decided to throw out the charges against me and marry us instead. And you know how at the reception the groom slides the garter off the bride's leg? Well, this time instead you took off my ankle monitor, and when you threw it, you hit Ryan right in the head. It was fantastic.

Zach: Am I writing off the mother of my children? No, I'm not, but I can't count on Kendall either, not to raise those boys, not from where she is now, and the day will come when I have to explain to Spike and Ian that their mother is in prison, because she shot a good man, and I'm not looking forward to that day, Adam. Are we done?

Adam: You know, sometimes... sometimes I feel that I'm hovering above what happened that night. I see Stuart. He's there, waiting for me, tugging at his collar and -- and the tie that he's not used to wearing, and he thinks he sees something, hears something outside, sees a shadow, and then a lightning strike, a lightning strike. He sees -- glass shatters. He -- he suddenly feels something in his back, and he won't know what it is. He'll never know what it is, because he collapses right there, dead, gone! Perhaps what haunts me most is wondering what my brother's last memory was -- before his world went black.

Jesse: She knows that I will go outside the law to stop her. It's not what she said. It's just that, I don't know, it was that demented smile of hers.

Angie: That's all it took for you to snap?

Jesse: Angie, there are two kinds of people that fill up a jail: The ones that are driven by passion, greed, hate, and then there are the ones that are extremely -- extremely dangerous.

Angie: What drives them?

Jesse: Ahh -- I don't know. The pleasure they get from watching other people suffer. And that's Madison to a "T." I shouldn't have let her get to me. I pushed her too hard.

Angie: Maybe it wasn't hard enough. She can't keep doing this, Jesse. Coming after us, after Frankie, after Randi. You know what? Maybe you just needed to go after her ass and scare her to make her stop.

Jesse: Or maybe I just lit the fuse to a very loose cannon.

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