All My Children Best Lines Monday 8/31/09


Provided By Gisele

David: The Martin brothers. The saints of Pine Valley. Nothing but a bunch of selfish bastards. Not only do they ruin the lives of the women they seduce, they go after their kids, too. Like Jake. Jake. Sleeps with Amanda, dumps her. I'm there to pick up the pieces. Then he finds out she's pregnant with my son, what does he do? He steps in and marries her. Because he loves her? Hell no! It's because he wants to screw me over! Now he's screwed me over and Amanda over by losing our son! That son of a bitch. Oh. They're not gonna get away with it. Any of them.

David: The Martins are the root of all misery in this town. They're sociopaths masquerading as do-gooders. Well, they're gonna finally get theirs.

Liza: You should listen to yourself. Listen to you. You don't even care about your baby. All you care about is revenge. You know, you attack Tad and Jake for using your child? You, you're the one that's using children to get back at your enemies. What, you did it with Dixie, you did it with Tad. Now you're doing the exact same thing with Jake and Amanda. Stop it. Just stop. These grudges and this revenge. Trying to get back at people. If you don't, you are gonna die a lonely, bitter old man.

Zach: With your mom in the house, maybe you'll stop walking around and stop hitting people in the head with computers.

Kendall: I cannot believe you are having my mother move in here just to keep me in my cage.

Zach: Look on the bright side. With Erica in the guest room, it will certainly keep Liza out of mine.

Liza [to Erica]: Oh, they let you out of Africa.

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