All My Children Best Lines Monday 8/24/09


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Annie: Oh. I knew there had to be some other reason that you dumped me for a client, for Kendall. So tell me, how many nights a week do you work with Zach, working long and hard on his wife's appeal?

Liza: Ah, why don't we make the phone call from the car. Cars -- oh, you must miss those. Huh.

Annie: He's a smart man. I'm sure there are many things Scott could teach me.

Adam: Well, perhaps you two should put your heads together more often.

Ryan: Kendall and I slept together, and you are out for revenge.

Zach: If I'd wanted revenge, I'd already have it.

Liza: I don't understand men. Look, all you had to do was tell Ryan the real reason for the loan. You wouldn't have gotten a busted lip.

Zach: It's all right. It goes with my door.

Liza: Look, you are doing it to get access to Annie to prove that she actually killed Stuart. Ryan wants the same thing. Why don't you guys work together for the greater good.

Zach: Erica, Ryan, Aidan -- it didn't work, and you know what? Bottom line is I don't play well with others. It's too complicated, too many people.

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