All My Children Best Lines Friday 8/21/09


Provided By Nathan

Liza: I've always planned on raising this little guy by myself. I know I can give him a great life. But every now and then, I think it wouldn't be so terrible to have a man in our life.

Zach: No, you don't want that. There's dirty socks everywhere, no more remote control for you. Right?

Jake: Don't look. Don't look. I think that's the owner. That's not just any owner. It's that nurse that helped Hayward drug Adam.

Amanda: What? No way. The one who took the fall for David? She must be a head case.

Jake: Or worse. She must be in love with the guy.

Angie: What--is it fun for you? Baiting my husband, torturing my daughter-in-law, skulking after my son?

Madison: Skulking? I prefer to think of it as keeping on top of things. Your son should thank me. I told him the truth about his wife.

Angie: It could have destroyed his marriage.

Madison: A hunk like Frankie could do so much better than a homicidal hooker. Oh, as it happens, I'm available.

Erica: No notes.

Producer: None?

Erica: I'm just gonna talk. I promise I'll do it in one take.

Krystal: She's Erica Kane, for Pete's sake. Roll 'em, already.

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