All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 8/11/09


Provided By Gisele

Liza: Listen, I know this is a hard concept for you to get your head around, but you cannot control Kendall. You cannot make everything better with the wave of your Kane wand. Kendall is choosing to be alone. Accept it.

Liza: Look, I just came from Kendall, and Erica was there, and she refused to see either one of us?

Zach: She needs to adjust.

Liza: Ok, I can understand her not wanting to see Erica -- her flittering around, deciding what accessories to wear with that jumpsuit -- but me? I'm her lawyer. I'm her best bet of getting out of there.

Ryan: Yes -- engaged to Adam.

Jesse: Huh. Man must have a death wish.

David: So you want to be a badass, huh? Ok. Yeah. Well, first up, you got to make it all about you. What you want, need, crave, need to have. Then you go after it. Anything gets in your way -- morals, laws, people -- crush them into oblivion. I'm talking even the people you love. Now, they're the ones that you will hurt the most, yup, and most of them will end up hating you. Does it hurt? Yeah, absolutely it does. Because deep down you know you deserve it.

Scott: But you get what you want.

David: Sometimes. But then there are those mornings that you wake up regretting the bad choices, the carnage, body count. And then there are those days that you swear that you're gonna change: Do good, be a better person, live and let live. But, you see, here's the thing. Once it's in you, you can't stop. You got to feed the fire that's in your gut. That same fire that burns you and everyone else around you. The upshot? You end up alone sharing a beer with people that don't like you very much.

Scott: Thanks for nothing.

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