All My Children Best Lines Friday 8/7/09


Provided By Nathan

J.R.: Ooh-ooh-ooh. Looks like I woke up scary Annie. What are you gonna do? Dive for the letter opener or go all slicer-dicer on me? Might be exactly what my father needs to get his mind above his belt for a change. No? I got you close, though, didn't I? I bet if you had a tire iron in your hand, you'd like to take a whack at me.

Annie: Shut up.

J.R.: Hey, Colby, you should've seen the reaction I just got out of Annie Nicole Smith here.

Annie: God, that's--that's terrible. Your grandmother's already been through so much. What is it, Colby? Are you afraid of me?

Colby: Shouldn't I be? I'm here alone in the house with an insane person.

Taylor: And I'm just keeping the baby at my place for the time being.

Amanda: And after a couple of months, Jake and I are going to start talking about adopting a baby, and the baby we're gonna adopt is this one.

Tad: Then this round of baby-maybe will be over, hopefully.

Opal: Well, that's just about the worst plan I ever heard in my whole life.

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