All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 7/29/09


Provided By Nathan

Jake: Are you out of your mind? You let him hold the baby like that?

Liza: Look, I am half asleep and completely a wreck, and he generously and surprisingly offered to help. What? What am I supposed to do, start screaming? What, you want me to pull a fire alarm?

Annie: That is not how it happened.

Ryan: Well, whatever happened, you ended up in the attic with our daughter, filling her head with lies, Annie. And because of that she's gone through hell the last few weeks, and it's your fault. And you're not gonna get another chance. Not after what you've done. And truthfully, I'm not gonna feel that guilty telling her that her mom is gone.

Erica: Adam, Emma knows that Annie is the one who killed Stuart. She knows that. Annie made Emma lie about it. And now Emma -- Emma is seeking out anybody who has ever shown any sympathy towards her mother at all to try to get them to help. I mean, that's why Emma came to see you.

Adam: Children don't really think that way, do they?

Zach: I'm not controlling anything. And what's this? Annie is a nutcase. She killed Richie, almost killed your mother. What am I controlling, really? How? Make sure that spike and Ian are ok, that they don't end up like Emma, walking to school, thinking about how their mother killed somebody.

Kendall: But I did.

Zach: You did not. And that's the last we're gonna talk about it.

Scott: I just came from the police station. Annie's denying everything.

J.R.: Well, of course she is. She's a pathological liar. That's what pathological liars do. They lie.

Scott: Doesn't she at least deserve a fair hearing?

J.R.: Hell, no. She killed your father. She tried to kill mine. She fooled dad into believing that she loved him. No, the only date that woman deserves is a date with a needle.

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