All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 7/14/09


Provided By Nathan

Rachel: Excuse me. Kendall's not here.

Liza: So the sports car outside and the expensive purse is yours? Yeah. I'll wait.

Kendall: Thank you, Rachel. Didn't you get my note? You must not be a very good lawyer if you can't read.

Liza: We'd better get started, Kendall. There's a lot to do.

Kendall: Ok. I--I don't want you to represent me, because I hate you.

Liza: Well, I am not particularly fond of you either.

David: Excuse me?

Brot: I said it was your fault. I didn't do it.

David: Just do your damn job.

Brot: You know what? You're right. It does need to be cleaned up--by you. I quit.

Kendall: Zach, why don't you just admit it? You still want her.

Zach: We were together once when I was single. You--uh-uh. You and Ryan had a full-blown love affair right here in this house while you were married to me. Don't talk to me about betrayal.

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