All My Children Best Lines Thursday 7/9/09


Provided By Nathan

Zach: All right, you want me to share something? Here it goes. You think that you and I are a team? You're dead wrong.

Ryan: What if working as a team is the only way to get your wife off of a murder charge?

Zach: Good point. All right, here we go, team. You stay here, make sure my wife's ok, and I'll take care of the rest. Go team.

Zach: He's not answering his phone.

Madison: I warned you. Henry has a habit of not answering his cell phone when he's out of town. I guess the ringtone disturbs the hookers.

David: I don't know. I mean, Liza's reaction was just so strange. She did not want me to touch that child.

Krystal: Maybe she heard about your obsession with babies.

Erica: Well, you see the difference between you and me among other things, many other things, is that I don't actually need to have a man in my life all the time.

Krystal: Ah, so you just raid the blood bank when you get hungry instead, huh?

Erica: No, actually, I have a number of careers that really keep me busy. In fact, why don't you think about going back to work? Buy a new mattress or something.

Krystal: No doubt, you speak from experience. Thanks for the tip.

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