All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 6/30/09


Provided By Nathan

Kendall: Ok, well, then what do we do?

Zach: Well, we're going to find something on North, discredit him, and delay the trial. That's what I've been saying.

Ryan: That's something you do if Kendall is guilty, but she's not. She's innocent, and instead of following up on something that can prove that she's innocent, you want to, what, strong arm the D.A.? What is this? Vegas in the '60s? And you were worried about bugging the house?

Madison: You are desperate, aren't you? Desperate to save your wife.

Zach: Your husband is trying to crucify my wife, and I'm trying to figure out why. You know what I think? I think he holds a grudge, because Kendall, she's beautiful. She's smart, wealthy. She's got a sense of entitlement. Henry doesn't like that. Makes him feel small. Henry likes to control his women, so he wants to break Kendall, same way he broke you.

Ryan: You're going to want to hear this. You remember Tad Martin, right?

D.A. North: Indeed, I do. You survived our trigger-happy police chief.

Man: You need anything else?

Scott: I'm good, thanks.

J.R.: I'd join you for a drink, but I'm a drunk. I just don't think it would end up well.

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