All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/29/09


Provided By Nathan

Officer: You know why I pulled you over, sir?

Tad: Animal magnetism?

Officer: You swerved across the yellow line back there, Mr. Martin. May I ask if you've been drinking tonight?

Tad: Uh, no -- no. I could use one right about now, that's for sure.

David: I'm not going to lose another child to you, Junior. You've taken enough of my blood.

Marissa: Lose me? Who do you think you are? I'm not yours to lose in the first place.

Krystal: David.

J.R.: What and turn her into Babe? I'm not the sick jerk that dressed Amanda up like Babe in order to torture me.

Tad: If I was having a heart attack, could I do this? Huh?

Angie: Look, stop it. Stop it, Tad. Listen, get him hooked up to an ECG and draw some blood. Hurry up, let's go.

Pete: How does he do that?

Erica: Annie is dangerous.

Adam: No, no, she's not. Quite the contrary. She's extremely grateful.

Erica: Annie's grateful to you. You're grateful to her. You tell me, Adam, just exactly what is "grateful" a euphemism for these days?

Angie: I kind of doubt it. Heartburn makes more sense. I want you to get your butt back in here, though, if they come back.

Tad: Yes, ma'am.

Pete: So how bad is it?

Tad: Wait 'till I get you home. My insurance company is going to be really ticked off. Other than that, I'm just peachy.

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