All My Children Best Lines Friday 6/26/09


Provided By Nathan

Liza: Ugh, the baby.

Minister: Is there anything I can do to help?

Jake: Yes, father. You can pray for us all. Just breathe.

Tad: What's this? A floor show?

Krystal: Liza is in labor, Tad.

Jake: Just go to the house. Go to the house. It's on the way to the hospital.

Tad: What do you mean go to the house?

Jake: We'll tell everybody that we had an emergency stop or something.

Tad: To what? Turn off the coffee maker? I told you this was stupid.

Amanda: Babies are supposed to be conceived in love, born in love, and this child was surrounded by anger, threats, and hate so it's no wonder he didn't survive. And if he had, what kind of life would it have been? You want forgiveness after the months of threats, pressure, and harassment? Now you say that -- that you're wrong, that you would've done things differently. Now you say that you want to be a better man. Well, you know what? It's too late because I lost my baby because of you. So, you can offer all the apologies and condolences that you want, but I know the truth, David. If death hadn't taken my son then you would have. So, wherever my child is, I hope that he is feeling loved, and cherished, and safe, and I thank God that he will never know the pain of being your son.

Krystal: God doesn't kill babies to punish fathers.

David: Then why am I forever burying my children?

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