All My Children Best Lines Thursday 6/25/09


Provided By Nathan

Scott: So, Adam really has Annie Lavery living at the mansion. That is --

J.R.: Insane -- yeah. I know, and even if it wasn't the judge's requirements, we had to leave. You know, I can't risk my kid finding his stuffed cow boiling on the stove.

David: Regardless of how this child was conceived, Amanda, or how you and I felt about each other, we are both grieving now. We share the same loss. We were this child's parents. No one else can say that. No one else will know exactly what we're going through.

Amanda: You know, that may have worked on Krystal, but it's not going to work on me.

Liza: If you hadn't shown Amanda the baby, this would have worked out perfectly.

Jake: You can't build a perfect life on a pack of lies.

Marissa: It's amazing. You're exactly what the Chandlers need.

J.R.: What the Chandlers need is a full-time shrink.

Little Adam: What's a shrink?

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