All My Children Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09


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Zach: Whatever you guys do or don't do, that's none of my business. But you in my house whenever you choose, is that how it's going to be? You're going to come over here whenever you want?

Ryan: My son sleeps in this house.

Zach: And you used to sleep in this house, in my bed, with my wife, so you can see how I would have a problem with that.

Frankie: So, let me get this straight. I was some spoiled brat? Is that it?

Brot: No, no. I'm not saying that at all. What I'm saying is, now you're like me. You're hands are messed up. Yeah, and my face? It's my face. Does it suck? Yeah, it sucks, man, but we're alive, and we have a family. How many soldiers didn't get a chance to say that? Frankie, don't dishonor their memory by wasting yours.

Marissa: Do you have any idea how lucky you are? You could be dead, both of you, because of sheer stupidity. You're the chief of staff at this hospital. What the hell were you thinking, driving around bombed?

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, I didn't come here to fight, ok? I really --

Zach: No, you did not. It was Emma's idea.

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