All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/1/09


Provided By Gisele

David: Braxton Hicks, huh? Nature's way of playing "made you look."

Amanda: Get out.

David: Krystal left me.

Amanda: Took her long enough. Glad to hear she's finally come to her senses.

Amanda: You hurt people. You like to hurt people.

David: No, you see -- now see, that's not quite true. I'm no sadist. There's no satisfaction, no pleasure involved. But you're right, you're right. I do hurt people. I remember when I was just a boy, I went on this backpacking trip into the forest, and there was some person who had set some coyote traps around. I remember seeing this one trap that had been sprung with this animal paw severed and in it. The animal had chewed off its own paw just to escape the trap. And I remember thinking, what a horrible, horrible thing, to have to do something like that. But as my life went on, I kept finding myself stepping into one trap after the next, and every time I did, I just kept losing something, you know? Another part of myself, and then I finally realized in this life you've got to set your own traps before walking into someone else's.

Liza: Well, Erica, you are acting like quite the lady of the house around here these days. Is there anything I should know about -- about you and Adam?

Erica: Liza, if there were anything you should know about anything, I certainly wouldn't tell you.

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