All My Children Best Lines Friday 5/29/09


Provided By Gisele

David: Well, this ought to do it.

Jake: Go to hell.

Krystal: And don't even bother to come back.

Jake: You know something, Krystal? You -- you've got yourself a real winner here.

David: Hi. And what brings you by?

Krystal: Well, I came to tell you that Marissa was really settling into Pine Valley. She even got her old job back. Remember Marissa? Our daughter? The one I sold? What was that with Jake? Some sick joke?

David: Ok, all right. First of all, I didn't know you were standing there, ok?

Krystal: And that is supposed to make it all right? You're obsessed with that baby just like you're obsessed with Little A, only now you are so desperate you want to pay for it. Why -- why don't you just save some money and -- and kidnap it? Really, just -- just grab it and go the second they cut the cord.

David: What you did you thought was necessary, ok? I understand that.

Krystal: When they took Marissa from me, I lost a piece of my soul, and I have had to live with that emptiness, and I am talking shame and guilt so bad I thought it might kill me. So if you really understood, if you had the slightest clue of what I went through, you would have never done what you just did.

David: Marissa, there's something you need to know. This was all my fault. Krystal was forced to make this terrible decision because of me. Now, I wish I could tell you that you and Babe were conceived out of love, but that just wouldn't be the case. The fact is, I was a cocky young med student. Krystal was a vulnerable young woman. We were drunk at a party. In the morning, I couldn't even remember her name.

Marissa: I'd love to hear about your conquests, but I'm kind of busy.

David: All right, look. Just, please just -- just hear me out. As I look back on all this now, I can't help but realize that if I hadn't been such a selfish jerk, that if I had had the decency to at least pick up the phone, I could've prevented so much pain.

Marissa: Look, David, I'm -- I'm not upset, ok, about the way things turned out. I had two incredible parents, a great home. I was really lucky.

David: Good. I have done such damage to so many lives. The hatred I feel for some of the people in this town who've lined up against me has driven me to do some pretty unspeakable things. Take Adam Chandler. I can't stand the man so much so that I was willing to put him in a coffin, and his brother ended up there instead. What a shame. Why does it all have to be so hard?

J.R.: God, I hate funerals.

Marissa: Try burying both of your parents at the same time.

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