All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 5/19/09


Provided By Gisele

Opal: This is killing me, not knowing what's going to happen, what effect it's going to have on Tad. I mean, what if we get a whole new Tad?

Angie: Opal, Opal, listen to me. You cannot do this to yourself. Tad came through the surgery. So now we have to think of him as being ok. All right? We should we thinking of him as he is at his very best.

[Jake snickers]

Angie: What?

Jake: Oh, just thinking about Tad at his very best. Knowing that his hypothalamus and his amygdala are completely intact, it's, you know --

Angie: Oh, Jake.

Opal: Ok, all right, you two. Enough with the insider doctor stuff. I could use a little smile myself right now. I mean, what's with the hypo-hoo-ha, or --

Angie: They're the libido centers of the brain. And what Jake is saying is that Tad's were left unharmed.

Opal: Oh. Oh.

Jake: I'm just trying to, you know, keep an uplifted outlook, knowing that Tad the cad will rise again.

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