All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/18/09


Provided By Gisele

J.R.: Chief, I want to go to the hospital.

Jesse: Yeah, so do I, but I got work to do. Listen, I'm going to need your cooperation so this investigation, unlike some others, gets done right.

Zach: My boy's stable, and you won't let me see him, because I killed the man that tried to kill my boy.

Jesse: Listen to me. Listen. Hey, hey, hey, come on. Zach, emotion took over, right? You flew into a rage. You came here with the express order to kill Adam. Then you stopped to turn off the lights. You shoot him in the back -- I don't know. It doesn't make sense to me.

Zach: Why doesn't it make sense to you -- why?

Jesse: Because you were on a mission to shoot him in the head -- look him in the eyes, shoot him in the head. That didn't happen. He was shot in the back -- coward style. You're not coward. You want to tell me what the real story is? I saw you at the hospital when your boy flatlined, Zach. You flew into a blind rage. The only thing on your mind was to get here, kill Adam. Why am I going to believe that you would stop at the fuse box first?

Scott: J.R., we are all suspects. That's why there's a cop outside this door making sure we don't leave.

Krystal: All right, stop it, ok? This isn't some game -- "Who shot Adam in the parlor with a gun."

Colby: J.R. would never shoot our dad.

J.R.: But Hayward would. That's why Krystal wants this wrapped up real quick. She knows that if we think about it, we'll realize that David had more motive than any one of us.

Krystal: My husband is not a killer.

J.R.: Come on, would you look at the facts? A bullet in the back? That's classic Hayward. The tunnel door was left open. David practically lives in our walls. Plus, I saw him at the front gate. That gun that I had? I took it right out of his hand.

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