All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 5/12/09


Provided By Gisele

David: I don't have any other children, unless you're talking about the baby Amanda's carrying.

Adam: Or maybe you'd like to be playing daddy without waiting for those nine months, because of me.

David: I swear I will stick this right into your carotid artery.

Adam: Aren't you just mildly curious about what I have on your wife? What would be so huge that she would betray your love and your trust, hmm? Rather than let anyone else know her secret? There's a young woman that's come recently to Pine Valley. She's the daughter of two of Krystal's good friends.

David: Marissa is Krystal's daughter?

Adam: Well, I think you should ask Krystal about that. But she would be about the same age as Babe, wouldn't she?

David: You son of a bitch.

Adam: Oh, just trying to help.

David: If this turns out to be true --

Adam: You'll thank me.

David: No, I will kill you, Adam.

Adam: I was hoping for a cigar.

J.R.: Bad night? I bet you I got you beat. Chandlers hit a new low. Everybody talks up their family -- you know, the family thing. My family, they'd offer a knife, and they'd just know where to stick it for maximum pain.

Marissa: Your dad?

J.R.: Yeah. Everything is a test. Most of it's a lie, and there's no way to win. I just hope to God I don't rip my son the way my father ripped me.

Marissa: Just don't sell him out. Any parent who sells out their own kid is a monster.

Adam: I know you hate me. And this won't affect anything I've done, but I've changed my will.

Erica: Given your long list of enemies, you should keep it readily available.

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