All My Children Best Lines Friday 5/8/09


Provided By Gisele

Marissa: As promised, delicious-looking bangers.

Aidan: Thanks, the sausages look good, too.

Marissa: Well, I'll say your dad behaves just as badly as David. Something about glass houses and throwing stones comes to mind.

J.R.: Well, you're absolutely right. My father's no better than Hayward. If I had my way, they'd both crash and burn for what they've done.

David: If I had installed that valve per standard procedure, Ian Slater never would've made off the operating table. You guys were sloppy with the anchoring system. If I had sutured the device as designed, you would've got backflow problems right from the get-go. I had to improvise to fix your company's screw-up. So I suggest you go back to the drawing board. Fix it before you use it again.

Scott: But Ian's going to be all right, though, isn't he?

David: Yeah, thanks to me and the fact that I know what I'm doing. Because, if anything ever happened to Zach Slater's kid, we'd all end up in the desert somewhere after an unfortunate accident with a wood-chipper. So, again, I suggest you get your R&D act together. Fix that valve. But be quiet about it.

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