All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 5/6/09


Provided By Gisele

Krystal: Marissa does not need to know that the parents she loved adopted her.

Adam: And the parent she doesn't know sold her.

Krystal: You bastard.

Adam: I'm a man of my word. You helped J.R. get custody of Little Adam, and in return your sordid secret is safe with me.

Krystal: It better be. Because if you ever tell anyone, I'll kill you.

Erica: Sounds like you've been a naughty boy again.

Adam: She didn't care for the catch of the day.

Erica: Well, I'm waiting.

Adam: Well, I honestly wish I could accommodate you and run upstairs with you for a little afternoon delight. But my keeper over there is keeping a very close eye on me.

Jake: Let me explain what's happening here. See, she thinks that Paulo is hasta-la-vista forever, never coming back. So she takes Marco, the loan shark's, offer up on marrying her. So she does, as long as he pays off the mortgage on the grandma's house, but she's screwing herself here because if Paulo comes back -- if Paulo comes back, Marco is going to be pissed --

Opal: You know, if dumb was dirt you would cover about a half-acre.

Gayle: It's bad enough that Erica Kane woman barrels her way in here, but for you to go off with her to --

Adam: Shut up, woman! You're hired help. Learn your place.

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