All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 4/28/09


Provided By Gisele

Zach: Well, Ian, Spike, Miranda, and Gaby around the Christmas tree -- you'd be ok with that?

Kendall: I could get used to it. You don't think so?

Zach: Uh-uh. You don't share well with others.

Kendall: Well, Gabrielle was a shock to me. I thought I should come first with you.

Zach: You always came first with me.

Kendall: Well, I didn't feel like a priority when I found out you fathered my sister's child.

Erica: They're out there squabbling like children. Go out there and show them how a man behaves.

Adam: Well, right now I don't have the energy. It's being sapped by this creeping brain rot.

Bianca: She was right? She kissed my brother-in-law.

Erica: Well, no, no, no, I mean, that wasn't right. But, I mean, everyone makes mistakes. And Reese definitely, definitely, genuinely seems to regret it now.

Kendall: Ok, there's mistakes and then there's sucking your brother-in-law's face.

Erica: Well, if you are waiting for the perfect person, the perfect person doesn't exist.

Bianca: Is it wrong to expect a little fidelity?

Erica: No, no. It's just that no one is flawless, not even my two wonderful, beautiful, vibrant daughters. And there comes a time to forgive and forget.

Bianca: Forgive and forget?

Erica: Look, you have to decide whether you want to be right and alone, or forgive a little and, at the end of the day, be with the person you love.

Bianca: Who are you and what have you done with my mother?

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