All My Children Best Lines Friday 4/17/09


Provided By Gisele

Kendall: You did this on purpose to punish me.

Zach: I would never use my son for that.

Kendall: I may not be your wife anymore, but I will always be Ian's mother. You can't shut me out of his life no matter how much you hate me.

Zach: I don't hate you. I don't feel anything for you. Nothing at all.

Amanda: There are other people that will help me fight you.

David: All right. Yeah? Like who? The Martins? Ooh, I'm trembling. I took Joe's job, remember? Tad's wife. And Jake, well, not much there worth taking, really. Getting your child would be a walk in the park.

Tad: I wouldn't count on that. As long as Amanda is living under my roof, my family will do whatever it takes to protect her from you.

David: That's what we call an empty threat, folks.

Jake: This ain't empty.

Tad: Karma's a real bitch, isn't it, Dave? Last time a gun was involved, you were pointing it at me at your place, remember?

David: Yeah. Why were you there again? Oh, that's right. You found out I was sleeping with your wife.

Tad: Even so, you didn't have the guts to pull the trigger.

Jake: Well, I do.

Amanda: Just go.

David: Relax, sweetheart. Calamity Jake here couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Jake: That's where you're dead wrong, Dave. I've worked in a lot of scary places. And I always carry a gun. And I've used it on more than one occasion to defend myself, my camp, my colleagues. And this is my camp. And I will defend it and this house and everybody in it.

Tad: And he won't be alone.

David: So, you two bozos, Opal, and Petey? Is that it? Wow, I should be running for the hills.

Jake: And about Amanda's baby, she will decide its future. Because, unlike you, she will make the right choice, and not about herself, but about the child. Because she wants a great life for the little boy or the little girl or whatever it is, because again, unlike you, she has a heart and a conscience. And she knows what unconditional love is, Dave. I really think you should leave.

David: Keep taking those prenatal vitamins. Something tells me you're going to need your strength.

Jesse: What's on your mind, pretty lady?

Angie: David and Krystal.

Jesse: Ugh. Yeah, you keep thinking about them, you're going to have to take a mental health day, too.

Angie: Zach and Kendall Slater. You know they're getting divorced.

Jesse: Yeah. Well, this is Pine Valley. Don't nobody stay married in this town. Except black folk. We got it going on  

Angie: You're so stupid.

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