All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 4/15/09


Provided By Gisele

Erica: David comes and goes as easily as if he lived here. When are you going to blow up those tunnels?

Adam: What did he say to you?

Erica: He thinks that you have something on Krystal, and I think he's right.

Adam: Oh. Leverage can be a very powerful tool, you know.

Colby: What's going on with you and Erica? Is she moving in again? She's always here.

Adam: I'm so sorry that you suffered because of what happened between your mother and me.

Colby: Mom told me you didn't want me. You were a bad man. We were better off without you. But it didn't work. I just missed you even more and dreamed even harder that we would be a family again and got angrier at her, because I never got to choose who I wanted to be with.

Adam: That's why today is so important -- that David Hayward's games don't count. Little Adam is going to decide. He's about the same age you were when Liza took off with you.

Colby: He's lucky he gets to choose now. I had to wait until I was 15, and it cost you a bundle in bail bonds and wrecked cars and lawyer's fees.

Adam: Oh, my word. Yes, best investment I ever made.

Colby: I'm glad I came home. I love being with you, but I was kind of hoping after all this time, Mom might come see me.

Adam: Thank you for choosing me.

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