All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/27/09


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J.R.: All right, well, that's unless Hayward does something else. Blackmail, poison, who knows what's next? What we need is a miracle.

Erica: You don't need a miracle. You have me. I guarantee that David has no more tricks in his bag. I've made sure of it.

Tad: Care to share?

Erica: Let's just say that your hearing will be held in front of a fair and impartial judge.

Tad: I knew I loved you for some reason.

Zach: A fine day. Sun's out, it's warm, and I've lost everything. My family, my company, and my wife.

Ryan: Zach is going to be fine, Kendall. He's going to have, like, a platinum parachute, ok? Don't worry about him. If it makes you feel any better, he didn't exactly drop to his knees and beg when he found out about this, ok?

Kendall: He wouldn't. He would just do that little half-smile and act like everything's ok. You in Zach's bed, taking his company, his casino that he has worked so hard for -- you've killed him. Zach can't be happy. If Zach comes anywhere near happy, he -- he can't trust it. He can't give into it. No, you stole Zach's wife and you stole his company, but you know what? You didn't win. Zach won. Zach won because he got exactly what he wanted.

Zach: So, Myrtle, let me ask you something. Why is it so impossible for me to be happy? Why? I had everything. I had a wife that loved me and kids with their loving arms around me, and I didn't just push them away. I blew it up in true Cambias fashion. It's not about Ryan. It has nothing to do with Ryan. It's all about me. I found the road to happiness and put land mines all over it. I put on a blindfold and started running. So what's your advice? You got anything? Ah, it doesn't matter. Wouldn't change a thing, right? Ashes to ashes. Here I am with every Cambias in hell cheering me on.

Reese: You damn well have a reason to get up in the morning. It's called your children. Whatever is between you and Kendall, she knows you're a great father. Nothing changes that. Look, so you lost your company, you lost your marriage, you are fighting demons with both hands. I know about that. I've been fighting my own demons. You don't let them win, Zach. You stand up to them, and you persevere, and you show up for your kids. Look, we hurt the women we love. We did. And maybe we can get them back. Maybe we can't, all right? But we don't quit on our kids, ever. They are first, they are last, they are always. So you wake up for them, Zach. You fight for them. You need to be there for them.

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