All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 3/11/09


Provided By Gisele

Ryan: Are you sure? Because I'm serious here. I know that Fusion is your baby.

Kendall: Not just mine. I mean, I thought Greenlee and I would run the place forever. You know, I'd be old and she'd be gray.

Ryan: You'd both be completely wrinkle-free.

Kendall: Right. Aidan? The man I slept with. The man who nearly tore us apart. You're going to start punching the clock with him? Zach, that makes no sense.

Zach: It makes as much sense as you working with Ryan.

Kendall: No, see, except it's different, Zach. You cannot compare them. You can't. Yes, yes, I slept with Aidan. It was meaningless. It was spontaneous. I was -- I was scared. I was in grief over you. But what you did with Reese --

Zach: Don't stop now.

Kendall: What you did with Reese was anticipated. You thought about it. You struggled with it. Your heart -- your heart was engaged on some level, and even though I know you fought it, eventually you gave into it, and that's what makes it worse. That's what makes it betrayal, and you know it.

Zach: But you will turn your back on me? What happened to Team Slater? What happened to always, only us?

Kendall: Team Slater. Ok. Where was your team loyalty when you were sucking face with Reese that night, huh? Was it taking a breather?

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