All My Children Best Lines Thursday 2/12/09


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Kendall: So you admit that you're afraid of what might happen if Reese stayed.

Zach: No. I did what I did for your sake, not mine. Because anything I say these days, you don't believe me. It doesn't matter what I say. I have admitted to mistakes. I've admitted to things I haven't done, just to make you feel better. So what, what is it going to take? She moves a thousand miles away, maybe then you'll believe me.

Kendall: What about the baby? How are you going to deal with not seeing her ever again? And -- no, Zach, don't give me the whole Uncle Zach and donor nonsense. That little girl is your daughter.

Annie: Thank you. Good luck with the wedding. My best wishes to -- what did you say the bride's name was?

Judith: Greenlee.

Annie: Greenlee. Huh. That's a weird name.

Ryan: Greenlee set a new land speed record on the way over here. Amazing, but true.

Erica: Oh, wonderful. Everyone is here. Oh, and you look perfect -- a little helmet head and a nice little dominatrix outfit going on.

Kendall: Uh, I actually would like to make a toast as well. To my new sister-in-law, Reese. You have certainly made quite an impression on all of our lives. My sister, with whom I've always felt a very special bond, has been utterly transformed since she met you. So much so that I hardly even recognize her anymore. And my husband, Zach -- well, we all know how much you've captivated him, don't we? And even though you will be moving back to France with Bianca and your adorable new daughter, I have a feeling your presence will be felt around here for a long time to come. Weddings are supposed to be about beginnings. I suppose it is for you and Bianca. However, for the rest of us, it's about endings -- mainly that we won't be seeing you around here any longer. So, here's to a safe and swift journey home. Au revoir to the both of you.

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