All My Children Best Lines Monday 1/26/09


Provided By Gisele

David: You know, it's sad really. I mean, one day it was "Doctor Without Borders." The next it's "doctor with no career."

Jake: Ha ha.

David: Hey, I heard they're hiring at the local pharmacy. You know, the guy that does the free blood pressure screening?

Jake: Yeah.

David: I mean, come on, Jake. That would be perfect for you.

Jake: Yeah.

David: Although, you might have some competition. Angie Hubbard's going to be looking for a job, too.

Jake: Hmm, you know if you keep this up, you're going to be the only doctor working in that hospital.

David: Yeah, well, I guess I'm the only competent one there, huh?

Jake: Oh, such a swollen ego. Stay away from sharp objects, Dave. You might pop your own head.

Colby: Amanda's having your baby? How can that be? I mean, I know how it can be, but -- wow.

Greenlee: I don't understand. Dr. Sinclair wants Annie to be hurt?

Ryan: She thinks that Annie is faking being crazy.

Greenlee: Faking. Which part? The bloody bride in the wedding dress who knifed Erica, the whack job who talked to her invisible dead brother that she killed, or the escaped lunatic who came after us and wanted us both dead?

Ryan: Hey, I'm with you.

Taylor: Well, it would be even better if we ended it watching telenovelas and eating popcorn.

Jake: Ah, "Todos Los Niņos." Tell Brot about that one.

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