All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 12/30/08


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Krystal: That was Joe. He probably knows I spent the night here.

David: It's not possible. He'd have to scale a tree two stories to peer into the bedroom window. And Joe is a lot of things, but he's not a peeping tom. Hey, what's happened is just between us, all right? Nobody ever has to know.

Jake: Just, uh, sorry. Before you do that, before you all go, you know, toast the great Dr. Hayward, there's something you should probably know about your new chief of staff. Uh, for example, how he blackmailed his predecessor, Joe Martin, and an outstanding doctor here at the hospital for over 40 years, into stepping down so that he could step up into, you know, taking over that position. I'm sorry I interrupted you. You know, this might be a good time if you want to brag about whatever it is, whatever dirty little secret you have over my father.

[David chuckles]

Jake: Be a good time.

David: Boy, Jake, I don't know which is worse, your bad timing or your bad taste. Look, we can all agree that Joe Martin is an excellent, excellent physician, but it was his choice to step down as chief of staff, so that he might focus on his family, particularly on his youngest son Jake, who, unlike his father, has left this hospital open to all sorts of lawsuits during his tenure here, from renegade surgeries to dumping his caseload on interns, so that he can be free to romance patients in his care. Now, his father may have made allowances for his actions in the past, but as the new chief of staff I can assure that I won't be so lenient. As a matter of fact, as my first official order of business, I am removing Jake Martin from this hospital staff effective immediately.

Amanda: You going to be ok?

Jake: You say that like you actually might care. I'm so sorry. I treated you so -- so poorly, and I used the H word. I said "hooker."

Amanda: You were an ass, no question, but it doesn't even compare to the things David does. I mean, everything you said was true. He is a bully who actually gets off on putting people though hell.

Jake: Yeah, well, don't worry. Won't be long till David Hayward gets what he deserves.

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