All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 12/23/08


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Zach: There's naughty, and there's nice. Nice is when you see an open net, but you're going to pass the puck across the ice to somebody else just because they're really close to having the hat trick. Naughty is when you slash someone across the helmet. You do that and Santa may skip this house all together, so you don't want to do that.

Kendall: Santa better not skip our house. I'm the only naughty one here.

Bianca: What was that? Are you talking about naughty? There's no naughtiness in this house. There's plenty of presents for everyone.

Kendall: Good old, Binks. Always seeing the positive.

J.R.: So why did you come here?

Amanda: It's Christmas Eve. I didn't want you to be alone. Truth -- I didn't want to be alone. I try and stay positive and think about the good things I have, but there really aren't any.

J.R.: Oh, come on. That's not true.

Amanda: I used to have Fusion. Now I'm Erica's slave. Boyfriend dumped me, used to have money -- oh, my God. I'm such a jerk. I'm complaining about my stupid life when you --

J.R.: No, it's ok.

Amanda: I would just give anything to have, you know, like a big, normal, happy Christmas with all my family.

J.R.: Yeah, I wanted that, too. When Babe and I got engaged, I had -- well, I guess you'd call it a vision. We were in San Diego in the future, and I'm sitting at the head of the dinner table, and I could see my kids and my wife, and for the first time, I feel it. I'm happy. I guess some things aren't meant to be.

Ryan: I'm actually impressed that somebody took the time to call me and let me know that this was happening.

Dr. Sinclair: Actually, they contacted you without consulting me.

Ryan: My wife is here because experts say that this is the best place for her. This is the place where she will get the help that she needs. Do you call that help?

Dr. Sinclair: What happened tonight was a terrible accident.

Ryan: There's not supposed to be any accidents. You're supposed to keep her safe.

Dr. Sinclair: No, no, no. This is no one's fault. And this is a top-notch facility. Annie's time here will be beneficial, if you allow us to do our jobs.

Ryan: What do I tell my daughter?

Dr. Sinclair: She doesn't have to know about this.

Ryan: No. In the morning, when she's opening presents, when she asks why her mommy isn't there to watch, what do I tell her then? And the morning after that? And the morning after that? I need an answer. You need to get Annie well so I can give my daughter an answer. And the answer is, "Mommy will come home when she's well," not "Mommy overdosed in a hospital."

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