All My Children Best Lines Friday 12/19/08


Provided By Gisele

Opal: I just got a package, uh, Celestial Express.

Pete: From Myrtle. Open it.

Opal: I can't.

Pete: I don't think you can send it back.

Erica: I am so glad that you could all be here today. We are here to remember and celebrate and say good-bye to Pine Valley's heart, Myrtle Fargate. As I'm sure all of you do, I remember the wonderful stories that Myrtle used to tell about her days in the carny. About how she used to tell people's fortunes. But one day, Myrtle confided in me even more. She told me her secret. Easy, Opal. It's not what you think. Myrtle told me that she wasn't a real clairvoyant. She told me that she told people's fortunes by looking into their eyes. Myrtle was very good at reading whether people were happy or in love or in pain, and by the time people left that tent, everyone was convinced that Myrtle really did have a gift, because she had read them so well. Myrtle really did have a gift. Her life was a path all about giving. She told us those carny stories to make us laugh. She had a boarding house to give us shelter. And she had her boutique so that we would go in there and look in her mirror and see how beautiful we are inside and out. Myrtle was a giver and a healer and a source of so much laughter. And at this Christmastime, I have no doubt that Myrtle is making time between bridge games with my mother -- to take her place by God's side as his very top angel.

Zach's voice: Now who will lead our carnival? And who will make us stronger? Who will mend our broken sleep when she is here no longer? For whose part do we stand and bow? What stories do we tell? And will we memorize the day when great and greatness fell? Say will this valley overcome, and will these shadows fade? And will we lift our eyes to see the beauty that she made? The disappearing last of her that leads to worlds unknown has left a path to softly tread when sadness wanders home. I'll meet thee where the highland winds divide wild mountain tyne, where I will be forever yours and you, forever mine.

Myrtle's voice: And, trust me, the angels are on your side.

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