All My Children Best Lines Thursday 12/18/08


Provided By Gisele

Erica: Oh, come on. Let me have my fun, ok? I mean, how often do I get to plan a wedding?

Bianca: Uh.

Erica: Oh, that.

[Bianca laughs]

Bianca: That.

Erica: I mean other than my own.

Angie: What did your father say?

Jake: He just told me not to worry about it, but how am I not going to worry about something that is this insane? Wait a second, he -- he's upset about Tara's surgery, but you don't think he's making harsh decisions and rash choices because of his emotional well-being, do you?

Angie: Then there's only one possibility. The new chief "pain in the ass" did something shady.

Adam: Well, 'tis the season, right? And if Hayward would try to pull something fast, and something like using you to get to our grandson, I'd smell it. After all, it takes a schemer to know one, doesn't it?

Krystal: Mm-hmm, and you certainly are one of the best.

Adam: Oh, yes. Of course, I am. You know what I would do. I would find a really snazzy Christmas present for the boy, and then let you deliver it as if it came from you. That way he would score points with you and the boy. Yeah, just simple things like that. Yeah, but he hasn't tried a one of them, so I think Little Adam would love to see you now.

David: Look at this. I thought it would brighten up his Christmas a little. What do you think?

Krystal: It's -- it -- it's great. It's --

David: Yeah. I think he'll love it. You know, but there's a little problem. I think it might be misconstrued if it came from me, so I thought maybe you could take it to Little Adam, give it to him, and just say it was a present from you.

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