All My Children Best Lines Monday 12/8/08


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Greenlee: I'm in love with a man that I can't be with, because every time we're together, something else falls apart -- our marriages, his wife, a tool shed where we were riding out the storm. I mean, I didn't need a natural disaster to tell me that we shouldn't be together.

Jake: Well, my disaster's not as natural. Taylor's fiancÚ is back. Apparently, he faked his own death to spare her seeing him covered head to toe in scar tissue. The man was burnt over 40% of his body.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Jake: Hmm.

Greenlee: Has she seen him?

Jake: Mm-hmm. And although his appearance has changed, I don't think his feelings for her have changed. Bottom line is I really would like to be with her, but I can't, because he came back to life, and who's going to need who more? He's going to need her more than I will ever need her, so I guess -- doesn't that make -- am I winning? Do I win?

Greenlee: Hands down.

Jake: Thank you.

Greenlee: It makes my breakup look easy in comparison.

Jake: The irony here is that I, you know, I was feeling very noble to let them go and work their stuff out. Now I just feel like an -- an idiot. I feel like crap.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: I'm right there with you.

Jake: So, what do you think? Should we get together? Maybe we should hook up. No.

Greenlee: No. No. Dogs playing poker is a deal-breaker for me.

Jake: Oh. Well, then you know -- you know how I feel with those heads by your door that you keep -- those creepy --

Greenlee: It's called art.

Jake: They're heads on pillars.

Greenlee: No, they're busts.

Jake: Doesn't make them any less creepy. Heads.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Stone heads.

Jack: You see, Ryan, I know my daughter. At least I know her well enough to know there's no switch on her heart that she can just turn off. She can't just quit feeling. And I know that she's in love with you, and I suspect that she always will be.

Ryan: For the record, I will always love Greenlee, too.

Jack: Yeah, Ryan, I know that. That's what worries me.

Aidan: Really? Well, I would have thought that with Annie out of the picture, that you and Ryan would be playing house by now.

Greenlee: Well, you thought wrong. Ryan and I aren't seeing each other.

Aidan: So let me get this right. Now that you and Ryan are free to be together, he doesn't want you?

[Aidan laughs]

Aidan: Well, don't come crawling back to me, because I don't want you either.

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