All My Children Best Lines Friday 11/7/08


Provided By Gisele

Taylor: You broke up with Amanda because of me? Wow, that was pretty stupid.

Jake: Not from where I'm sitting.

Taylor: Do you think you're fooling me? You didn't break up with Amanda to get me. You're just saying that because you're trying to get me to walk. Well, for your information, I'd rather do 24/7 latrine duty than get involved with somebody like you.

David: Absolutely. You're a woman who deserves to have the very best a man can offer. Respect, admiration, adulation. You should have a man on your arm who knows how lucky he is to be there. Hey, hey, what's going on?

Amanda: Jake never talked to me like that. No guy ever has.

David: Then all the other guys you've been with have been a bunch of fools.

Jake: No, no, she just left me. She just left me. We were working in the Sudan, and one day, I'm trying to put together this poor shmoe's chest cavity, and she took off with the delivery guy, the guy that delivers the supplies to our camp. Now, this, this was the person that I loved more than anybody in the world, and she said she loved me just as much, but she left the mighty surgeon for a delivery guy.

Taylor: Tell me more about you and your wife. I know that she left you, but what about before that?

Jake: No. We, uh, we went to Africa together. We wanted to work together. We joined the ever-helpful Doctors Without Borders together. And then she transferred to sluts without borders or, uh, truck drivers without pants, whatever it's called.

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