All My Children Best Lines Thursday 11/6/08


Provided By Gisele

Bianca: Well, what if she could come back to us?

J.R.: What if she doesn't? And if you think it's forever, you blink. You turn around. You look away. It's gone. "Till death do us part." It's not just words any longer.

J.R.: The new and improved David Hayward. Dedicated doctor, selfless philanthropist. How long till you rip into the flesh and start eating Pine Valley?

Bryan: As soon as I saw the flash, the next thing that I saw was smoke and fire coming through the door, and it had taken my -- both my legs off and my left hand off, instantly. They tried to force my head back down to the pavement, but I saw, anyway. And then, I thought to myself, I was just like, "Whoa." Then I looked at my buddy, and I said, "Do you think I'll get laid again?" And he started laughing, and he said it kind of put him back into the moment, back into, you know, letting him know it was me still in -- in there. It wasn't just like a lifeless body, it was --

David: Are you ok?

Amanda: Peachy flipping keen. Pomegranate mojito wine cooler. You want some?

David: I think I'll pass.

Amanda: Hmm. Dry cleaning, office supplies, ha. I am not her assistant anymore. I'm an executive. Where does she get off?

David: Who?

Amanda: Erica. Woman can pick up her own dry cleaning.

David: Are you sure you're ok?

Amanda: Takes more than a diva wearing Prada to get me down and a jerk ex-boyfriend who likes G.I. Janes and my best friend gone. Like you said, don't let them see you vulnerable.

David: You look like a handful to me. Come on.

Amanda: I swear I lose everyone I care about. My dad. My mom. Jamie. Jake. Babe. What if this is the way it's always going to be? Me, alone.

David: You're not alone.

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