All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 11/5/08


Provided By Gisele

Jake: Well, maybe the board needs to be reminded of what this guy is capable of. Experimental treatments, he drugged the whole town. Didn't you have your license revoked?

David: Yeah, yeah, ok. That was temporary. My license was fully reinstated.

Jake: Oh, I'm sorry. Who did you blackmail to make that happen?

David: When I left this hospital, I had full privileges, ok? And when I left, it was by my own choice. You know, since we're on the path of full disclosure here, is the board aware as to the reasons why you came crawling back to Daddy's hospital? I think it's important. He was so obsessed with saving the world, his neglected wife ran off with a truck driver.

Joe: Jake?

David: Oh, I'm sorry. Your father didn't know this? Jake must have been embarrassed. His bedside manner obviously needs work -- professionally, and clearly, personally.

David: Great. It was nice talking to you, Amanda. Um, a bit of advice? Don't ever let them see you vulnerable.

Amanda: Who?

David: Anyone -- or they can use it against you.

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