All My Children Best Lines Monday 11/3/08


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Ryan: Who hates me this much?

Greenlee: Jonathan? I mean, you said whoever did this is insane.

Ryan: Jonathan is not sick any more, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Well, maybe the tumor came back. I mean, I'm just saying that it's a possibility. He did kidnap me, Kendall, and Lily. He wanted to kill all of us.

Ryan: It's not Jonathan.

Greenlee: When's the last time you heard from him?

Ryan: He's been busy. He's been overseas, so --

Greenlee: In other words, you have no idea where he is.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Listen. I'm just saying that maybe he came back to do what he always wanted to do, get revenge on you.

Krystal: David -- if -- if anyone should want to kill themselves over Babe, it -- it should be me. I raised her. I -- I watched her -- her take her first steps, say her first words, go off to her first day at school, the proms, the weddings, the -- the birth of her child. I -- I lived it, every moment. I lived it right alongside her and -- and you don't see me wanting to blow my brains out. Come on, David, you're -- you're better than that.

David: Yeah, right. Oh. Right, sure, I am. Do you know how I live? Picture your darkest thought and turn out the lights and gouge out your eyes. Welcome to my world. But Babe, Babe was my one beam of light. I mean, even if I never saw her again, just knowing she was happy, you know? That gave me reason to live. But now I don't have any reason, nothing. I mean, you -- you lost a daughter. I lost everything.

David: I lost the person I loved most, and I blamed all of you. I felt that I deserved payback from you.

Adam: You threatened to steal my grandson.

David: I know. I know, but that was wrong. Of course, Little Adam needs to be with his father. I know that, and I will never pull anything like that again. All I can hope is that someday you might allow me the occasional visit so that I can watch him grow up. I never had that chance with Babe. So, that -- well, that would mean the world to me. I want you also to know that I'm going to get my job back at the hospital. I'm going to spend every waking minute healing the sick and proving to all of you that I have changed.

Adam: Ha! That's it, that's it. I can't stomach any more.

J.R.: Yeah, nobody's buying this crap, are they?

David: You know, I don't expect any of you to buy it, ok? Except maybe Krystal. She's the reason why I'm here, willing and able to make all of these promises to you.

J.R.: All right, then you can go now.

David: All right. But first I'd like to say goodbye to my daughter.

J.R.: Fine.

David: You don't worry about anything, darling. I am never going to forget what they did to you. There are plenty of coffins for all of them.

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