All My Children Best Lines Friday 10/24/08


Provided By Gisele

Natalia: Nobody's trying to take your father away. My momma's always known that he belongs with the two of you, and we've had to accept that.

Frankie: How can you accept that? He's your father, too.

Natalia: I've dealt with it.

Angie: Well, then why did you -- why did you come to Pine Valley?

Natalia: My mother. She's not in a good place. She's hurting real bad. Dad, please.

Frankie: Natalia's mother is in really bad shape. She asked me to go see her, and I said I would to see if I could help.

Frankie: Ah, here we go. And it begins. We can take turns, you know?

Jesse: Franklin. I made my decisions, some of them almost 20 years ago.

Frankie: Why don't we work out some kind of schedule? They can have you on the odd weeks, Easter, and Thanksgiving, and we can have you on Christmas and Labor Day, but you, you get to have April Fool's Day all to yourself.

Jake: When the tornado hit and the lights went out, I -- I felt like I was back in Africa there for a second, working without a net and no rules, no backup. I -- I forgot where I was just for a moment, you know, and I just pushed forward, determined to do the impossible, I guess, save a life, with all the odds stacked against me. Ahem.

Taylor: And you did. You saved her life.

Jake: She had a seizure. She's unresponsive.

Greenlee: She's beautiful, isn't she? Shh, it's ok, it's ok. You can sleep. It's ok.

Aidan: This is how I always imagined you.

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