All My Children Best Lines Monday 9/22/08


Provided By Gisele

Erica: Why would I want you to call Jack?

Adam: Because Jack will come all the way over here and see us in time and, uh, decide that he can't live without you. What man could? And then he will dump Carmen like a hot rock and sweep you up in his arms.

Adam: Oh, Erica, come on. You can't live if you don't have a man on a leash, the choke-chain securely attached.

Erica: I don't need a man to be happy.

Adam: You can't live without one. You need to be chased and worshipped and adored, the more suitors, the better.

Erica: It's not true.

Adam: Oh, come on. You had -- you had Sam Woods and Montgomery going at each other like a couple of pit bulls and you -- you loved every growling second of it.

Erica: Actually, I shed them both.

Adam: Ah. Or did they get tired of playing the game and shed you? Erica, you need every man you've ever loved to never stop loving you. Friend to friend, you are incapable of being alone.

Erica: Oh, Adam. I never could fool you. You're right. No man in my life, in my bed. I'm lonely.

Pete: Did you know that 70% of lightning survivors experience residual effects most commonly affecting the brain?

Colby: Your brain was affected.

Pete: Did you know that there are 92 different after-effects of being struck by lightning including personality change?

Colby: Might not be so bad.

Opal: What could she possibly want from you?

Adam: Well, there's always my charm, my good looks, um --

Opal: You just steer clear, mister.

Adam: Hmm. So, will the cards bode ill if I don't?

Opal: I'll bode ill with my own two hands.

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