All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 9/17/08


Provided By Gisele

Adam: It doesn't have feelings, you know? No, never mind. You, uh, seem unusually demented today. Is there a reason?

Carmen: It's my birthday. Isn't that wonderful? Do you have something to say?

Adam: Yeah, congratulations. You're one year closer to the

Carmen: Blood! There is blood, and I'm going to faint opening up my birthday card.

Adam: Will you get a grip on yourself? Here, come on, it's -- here, here, here. Wait a minute, here. Here. It's just a paper cut. How did you ever survive in prison?

Carmen: Ow! Now it stings. Blow. Blow!

Adam: What?

Carmen: Blow, blow to get the sting out.

Adam: Oh, Winifred never acted like this. As a matter of fact, Winifred never had a birthday.

Opal: Yeah, that's right. So what gives with the birthday present?

Erica: I'm using her, ok? That's all you need to know.

Opal: What? You're going to buy her two dresses? Why don't you use me a little? I could do with a new ensemble.

Opal (to Jack): It is a crime against nature that you and Erica are not together. And now, thank the Lord that that Samuel Woods and that horse he rode in on is finally on his way out of Pine Valley.

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