All My Children Best Lines Monday 9/8/08


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Kendall: Ok, well, if you needed some money, why didn't you just ask for it? We would've given you anything. We would have helped you, all us would have, me and Zach, Bianca and Mom. You didn't have to steal.

Josh: You -- you don't understand.

Kendall: Well, then help me understand. I thought that we could trust each other. My God, Josh, you're my brother.

Josh: Am I? Let's face it, Kendall, I'm a mistake, something that Erica grieved over and buried years ago. I have no family and I sure as hell don't have anyone I can trust.

Samuel: You know that -- that saying they say that, um, the goal of life is to raise your consciousness? Well, we've been through a lot together, and I will miss you.

Erica: I know.

Ryan: Annie, you -- for the baby and -- and yourself, stress is not a good thing at all and me being here is adding stress, so I would like to leave.

Annie: Oh, don't even, Ryan. You didn't even want this baby to begin with.

Ryan: I never said that, Annie.

Annie: You didn't want it because if -- if it was really yours, that means you'd be stuck with me when you wanted to be with Greenlee. Greenlee couldn't even have your babies, Ryan. Greenlee can't give you what I'm giving you. You're disgusting.

Annie: Yeah. Just keep holding on. Hold tighter. Hold on tight.

Pete: Are you drunk or high or something? I'm not going to pass any judgment, but you're freaking me out.

Richie: Spin it. Sis, spin it.

Annie: Ok, last year on, like, the worst Fourth of July of my life, I played these stupid trust exercises with these bitches from work who pretended to be my friend. Anyway, you caught me. You proved that I can trust you. If I can trust you, Colby can trust you.

Pete: She can, but that doesn't mean you're making any sense.

Richie: Oh, mission accomplished, sis. Now get rid of the little Poindexter here.

Annie: If you love someone, prove it. Now do what I tell you and never let go.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah, what you said. I think I hear my mom calling me. Got to go. Bye.

Jack: Carmen's part of the problem. Erica, I was an idiot to get involved with her. Can you ever, ever forgive me?

Erica: What happened?

Jack: Her ex, Mando, called, talked her into robbing an ice cream truck. You have to let me make it up to you.

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