All My Children Best Lines Friday 8/29/08


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Dad? Oh, you. Carmen? Is that your shirt?

Jack: Greenlee --

Greenlee: It is your shirt.

Carmen: Excuse me.

Greenlee: How are you feeling there, Erica? Woke up in your own worst nightmare?

Erica: Actually, I happen to have run into your dad and Carmen last night, and so I already knew that they were getting closer.

Greenlee: Closer is right.

Jack: Now is not the time for this conversation.

Greenlee: No, you're right, but what we do need to do is this. Erica, Dad has finally acknowledged that you two are over and moved on. Now, it's your turn.

[Greenlee smugly holds the door open for Erica]

Greenlee: Hmm, you're a jealous wreck, and you can't stand to have a witness.

Jack: Listen, I want the two of you to take this outside and leave me in peace, huh?

Greenlee: Sure, sure, and I'll let you get back to Carmen. You listen to me. You jerked my dad around for the last 20 years. He visits you in prison, holds your hand, stays by your side. Then when you get out, who do you run to? The slick politician with the spray-on smile. I always knew you had no sense, but, boy, did you prove it all over again. You got out of prison, but my dad's the one who's free. Leave him alone.

Taylor: Nope, fine.

Jake: Really? Well, you've twisted the ankle, and this is the same leg as the plantar fasciitis. That's good. You keep -- you keep focusing on this leg.

Amanda: You have warts?

Pete: Where's my payment?

Adam: Forgive me, I don't have my daughter crammed in my back pocket, and I wouldn't hand her over to you if I did.

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