All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 8/27/08


Provided By Gisele

Amanda: Well, it's no secret that I came into some money recently, and I'll invest it in the new fragrance.

Kendall: Ok, you came into money by blackmailing Adam Chandler. You held out on evidence for Zach's hit-and-run.

Babe: Are you really going to do that?

Amanda: Well, I have enough money for the development and the launch. And, ok, obviously, we need a better name, but --

Kendall: Oh, I know. You can call it "Hit-and-run Blood Money." Mmm, smell it.

Ryan: Boy, Kendall tells you everything, doesn't she?

Zach: Unfortunately. And even more unfortunate, sometimes I catch myself listening.

Jake: Hayward? David Hayward? David Hayward's cabin? No, no, no, no. I have no interest in that, thank you.

Amanda: Oh, don't tell me he drugged you, too.

Jake: No, I'm just -- I'm not interested.

Amanda: Well, it's not like you have to share a medicine cabinet with the guy. The place has been vacant for years. It's totally available and totally perfect -- just like somebody else I know.

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