All My Children Best Lines Thursday 8/21/08


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Hey, hey, hey, hey, whatever happened can we just drop it? I'm so sick of all the fighting.

Annie: You're sick, huh? Better run to a bathroom.

Greenlee: What does that mean?

Annie: You're so desperate to get alone time with Ryan, you couldn't even wait for your honeymoon plane to land. The door was jammed. We were stuck. How is that my fault?

Annie: It's always so innocent, Greenlee. The kisses, the motorcycle rides.

Kendall: Ok, you know what? This is between you and me. Leave her out of this.

Annie: Yes, but she is always in the way. She ruined my wedding to Ryan and then when we go to renew our vows, there's Greenlee again.

Kendall: Ok, all right, you know what? You need to calm down because this is not good for the baby. So, why don't you just sit down, I'll get you some juice.

Annie: Shut up, Kendall. Stop pretending to be my friend. And you, stop pretending that you don't want Ryan back. How stupid do you think I am?

J.R. (to Krystal): Yeah. Look, when my mom died, I asked you if you could be my mother. I mean, not to take her place, but just to be there for me. And you were. And you're going to be there for Kathy, too. And I'll help explain that to her. That you'll be here looking out for us, while Dixie's looking down from heaven.

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