All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 7/16/08


Provided By Gisele

Jake: Mm. You ever hear the expression "three's a crowd"?

Greenlee: You ever watch "Three's Company"? Huh? We'll -- we'll -- we'll be like the modern-day version. Only with the roles reversed and better hair.

Jake: "Come and knock on my door." Just give it up.

Aidan: We're going to the gym, Jake.

Jake: I don't know if you've been able to tell, but I'm not exactly the gym type of person. I'd rather stick a hypothermic needle in my eyeballs, you know what I mean?

Aidan: That's a good one. Take that as a "no," then?

Jake: Yeah, take it as a "no." I'm going to stay here and get some sleep. What?

Greenlee: I'm just thinking.

Jake: Really? Are you in pain?

Greenlee: Ah.

Jake: What are you thinking about?

Greenlee: You. And who I can set you up with.

Jake: Don't do that, please.

Greenlee: No, you can't be alone, Jake. You need to start spending time with somebody.

Jake: I'm going to go to the gym with you, let's go! Will you tell that person to please butt out of my personal life?

Aidan: I already did.

Jake: Tell her again. Tell her again.

Aidan: Greenlee, will you --

Greenlee: Don't even think of ganging up on me with him.

Aidan: I tried.

Jake: You are pathetic.

Aidan: What did you say?

Jake: I said, "I got it -- I got my towel for the gym, and I'm ready to go."

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