All My Children Best Lines Thursday 7/10/08


Provided By Gisele

Jesse: No, it means that Novak's killer hated him, wanted him dead, had to know him.

Angie: Any suspects?

[Jesse scoffs]

Jesse: You kidding me? If I gave a party for all the suspects, it would be standing room only.

Jesse: What time were you at the movie the night that he died?

Annie: I -- I don't remember the exact time.

Jesse: Ballpark?

Annie: The movie started around 9:00.

Jesse: Well, according to this, um, he called you right before the movie started, and after he hit you in the head and ran. It says the call lasted about 2-1/2 minutes.

Annie: That whole night is really a blur right now.

Jesse: Well, maybe we can get together and talk about that blur.

Melvin: Well, son, you used to always come to me sometimes, searching about the big questions of the universe, and I'd always explain things to you. Or I'd make them up. I did pretty good.

Samuel: Yeah, what was -- what was the crazy one you had about there was a long, convoluted -- about the -- the story about -- oh, I know. It was the girls that kissed too many boys, look out for those girls.

Melvin: There was a moral in there somewhere. I'm sure there was.

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