All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 7/2/08


Provided By Gisele

Adam: So running a household, uh, do you have any experience?

Carmen: Oh, more than you'd like to know about.

Adam: Well, I -- why don't we all confine our, um, our conversation to the, uh, job requirements? You don't have a resume, I assume.

Carmen: I got Erica Kane. If I'm good enough for her --

Adam: Then you've done this before?

Carmen: Maybe not so fancy, but dirt is dirt, and people are people, and I can take care of both.

Adam: Well, I don't need taking care of.

Carmen: Huh, I'm no so sure about that.

Adam: Excuse me?

Carmen: I clean, do laundry, taught Erica a thing or two about doing whites, I'm not so bad in the kitchen, and I can work my way around mixing a decent drink.

Adam: I'll keep all that in mind.

Carmen: And just so you know, I'm very discrete.

Adam: What you saw with Krystal was nothing.

Carmen: It never is.

Greenlee: No, I'm not crazy. I want you to feel what I felt. You know, there's a mine shaft not too far from here. Maybe we ought to dump you down there.

Richie: Are you supposed to be frightening me, huh? Are you supposed to scare me?

Greenlee: It's dark. The air is so thick, it hurts to take a breath. The water, what there is of it, stinks. You yell, and you yell until you lose your voice. You want someone to hear you, someone to come and save you, someone to get there before it's too late, but no one knows you're there. No one comes. Scary, isn't it? No one can hear you scream.

Richie: You're breathing now. Get over it.

Greenlee: My life ended the day you trapped me and Zach in that bomb shelter.

Richie: You have problems. Don't blame me.

Greenlee: I do. You hurt me. You hurt my friends. Maybe it's time your life ended, too.

Kendall: You almost killed my husband. And you left him for dead, twice.

Richie: Guess I should've done it right the first time.

Krystal: I'm -- I'm sorry because of everything that you've been through, Tad. I mean, you were shot, you -- you almost died, and just a minute ago, we thought Kathy was missing, and it's -- it's just too much. I mean, you -- you deserve some peace, so that you can settle in and get to know your daughter without all this drama and craziness.

Tad: Oh, I wouldn't know what to do without them. Peace and quiet's highly overrated.

Krystal: It's not fair to you.

Tad: Fair? Fair? Hey, man, you want to talk about fair? The life we have, the life you've given me? I couldn't ask for anything more. I can't -- I can barely count my blessings. I mean, we got Jenny, Kathy, Little A, Colby, Babe in and out of the house, all hours of the day or night. Place has got a decibel level of an international airport half the time. Think about it. We got it all, man. We got schools and schedules, got play dates and real dates. We got diapers. We got teething, teen angst, all of it, rolled into one big, beautiful thing, and then, when all's said and done, at the end of the day, when things have settled down a little bit, we get the best part. We got you and me together when it is quiet. And it's perfect. I have that. I have all of that because of you.

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