All My Children Best Lines Friday 5/30/08


Provided By Gisele

J.R.: Oh, that's good, Dad. Are you going to die on me, too?

Adam: Is that a request?

J.R.: I just want to know, because I want to know how many funerals I'm going to be attending this year. I might need to buy a new suit.

Adam: Well, I had to mourn for a child that never existed. That's pretty funny, isn't it? That's on Martin.

J.R.: That's on you. You could have made a choice, to stand by Krystal and been a part of Jenny's life, but you walked away.

Adam: I didn't walk away. I didn't walk away. That woman that I was married to had just delivered Tad Martin's baby. And then they walked away one night, divorced me, married each other. I didn't walk away. I had no choice.

J.R.: Of course, there's a choice. There's always a choice. You either find it in your heart, or you don't.

Adam: You think what you like. Burning Charlotte's things, saying goodbye to her, one of the most painful experiences of my life.

J.R.: You're right. Losing someone is very hard.

Adam: Thank you.

J.R.: But that was one fire. That was one night. Imagine living with that pain for years. Imagine Tad waking up and his daughter's not there, and he has to lose her all over again.

Tad: Ok, I've got a better one. How about we set up a trapeze right here in the living room?

Dixie: What are we, joining a circus?

Tad: Why not? I'm very bendy.

Dixie: You certainly are. Well, why not? After all, I did marry a clown.

Tad: Oh, you are so going to get it.

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