All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/12/08


Provided By Gisele

Adam: No, no, no. Who is the real villain here? A father who will do anything to keep his child with him, or a woman who just walks away from him?

Dixie: I never, ever wanted to leave J.R. or Kate.

Adam: Oh, really. J.R. was just a little boy when you left for Europe. That didn't matter to you. "Mommy had to find herself," or whatever excuse you've been using.

Dixie: I always planned to come back.

Adam: And Kate? The ranting that went on to reunite Tad and Kate. You didn't even want Tad to have that child when she was born. You gave his daughter away, not me. You.

Dixie: Stop it, Adam.

Adam: Now, that's why you're afraid to face him. That's it! All this hocus-pocus! You're not talking about my sins. They're your sins. And that makes this much more interesting.

Dixie: Giving Kate away was wrong. Yes. That's why we have to give her back to Tad.

Adam: "We"? Tell me, Dixie, if you don't make this right, might I be seeing you roasting beside me in hell? You're not trying to save me, or Tad, or your daughter. You're trying to save yourself from burning in hell. I should have known.

Dixie: Yeah, ok. I made a mistake. I made a horrible, huge mistake, but I am trying to make it right and not for myself, but for Kate -- for my Kate to give her the life that I should have given her in the first place.

Adam: Yeah, but you didn't because you had no faith in Tad.

Dixie: I was wrong.

Dixie: Please, Adam, you don't know what's coming. You're going to have to give Tad this gift.

Adam: Well, ok. I'll give him a swift kick in the pants and complimentary bag of peanuts.

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: You're impossible.

Adam: Well, I'm on my way to hell. I know -- I know that. See you there, baby.

Dixie: This isn't over. Time is running out.

Jake: Let me ask you something, Dr. Hubbard. When did you become such a pain in the ass?

Angie: Always, Dr. Martin. Always. I remember when you were "Joey," sneaking and looking at Tad kissing girls. I know that you're allergic to anchovies. And I know how important your family is to you.

Tad: Are you kidding? We're talking about Mom. She ironed your socks. She printed out and saved every e-mail you ever sent her. Look, I'm sorry. Whether you like it or not, you've got some family time coming your way. We're going to get you better if it kills you.

Jake: This is about work. I just need to get back to work.

Tad: No, it's not. I know what you're like. I know how you like to work on something you believe in. That's just who you are. But this is obviously about something else. Ok, fine, terrific. Shut me out. Don't tell me. I'll make you a promise, pal. You keep going like this, I'll do whatever I have to to find out what it is that's tearing you up.

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